I’m Leonario Fernandes, an avid and devoted fan of animation who also loves to design, travel and is keenly aware of how awesome the advent of AI is.

Last updated

31 - 10 - 2023

Art Director, Motion Designer & Animator currently based in London

Some of the clients:

Viasat Worldwide

The Brandtech Group


Blacklist Creative

Craft London

Stereo Creative

Studied Information Design
at the University of Pretoria and have been working in the design industry for
almost two decades.

My passion for all things animation continues to grow from illustration to multi-screen presentations to broadcast design and everything in between. I have over a decade of industry experience, and although classically trained as a print designer,
I now direct, design and animate exclusively.

Desktop, with headphones and laptop ready to work!

Awards & Recognitions

Gold–Eyes & Ears Europe 2022 Awards – Culture & Documentary | Stuck in the Suez


Silver–Clio Entertainment 2022 Awards – Television/Series:
Special Shoot Spot/Promo | Stuck in the Suez


Silver–Eyes & Ears Europe Award 2020 – Best promotion campaign for special programming | Summer of Crime


Gold–Kinsale Shark Awards 2014 – Best Design Promo | Snapped


Silver–Kinsale Shark Awards 2014 – Best Factual Promo | Snapped


Bronze–Promax UK 2014 – Best Factual Promo/Clip Based | Snapped


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