Viasat Worldwide
2d animator

Stuck in the Suez

Creative Director

Łukasz Malisiewicz


Amanda Aryiku

Lead/Senior Designer

Leonario Fernandes

On March the 23rd 2021 - while transporting 20,000 cargo containers through one of the most critical waterways on the planet, the Ever Given is hit by a mighty sandstorm. Blown off course, the unthinkable happened - the colossal ship got wedged diagonally across the Suez Canal and would not budge. Viasat called upon me, and I was tasked with cleaning-up the production shoot, by employing several methods as well as grading this one-off documentary. In addition, the promo also required a bespoke designed end board. The result - I’m thrilled to announce that Viasat’s Explore promo, titled ‘Stuck in the Suez’, won a gold award at the “Eyes & Ears Europe 2022 Awards” and a silver at the “Clio Entertainment 2022 Awards”

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