Viasat Worldwide
3d Animator

Summer of Crime

Creative Director

Łukasz Malisiewicz


Anna Sabti

Lead/Senior Designer

Leonario Fernandes

Channel your inner gumshoe and step into the murky, dark corners where few dare to tread. In 2020, Viasat Worldwide commissioned me to create a detective crime board for a new Epic Drama campaign called “Summer of Crime”. The campaign was to promote the launch of a several new crime show series. I was tasked with creating a cinematic and visually engaging 3d scene of a detective crime board, including all props, photos, polaroids, string connectors, drawing pins and newspaper clippings. I delivered a high-quality Cinema 4d render that would be used in the final presentation. The result was Epic Drama’s ‘Summer of Crime’,won big at the Eyes & Ears Europe Awards in 2020. It received a silver award for Best promotion campaign for special programming

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