NBCUniversal - Syfy Channel
3d Animator

Santa’s Reindeer

Creative Director

Mark Goldie


Toasty Kunheim

Lead/Senior Designer

Leonario Fernandes

If flying reindeer are good enough for Santa’s sleigh, surely they can help out a few…”otherworldly” guests, right? In this fun, quirky winter animation for the Syfy channel over the holiday season, forest creatures frolic amid a winter wonderland of white. A unique papery look adds to the origami-like scene, stretching the boundaries of the imagination. The trees suddenly part to reveal that they are not alone. A UFO descends and attempts to beam up the docile creatures, then revealing the channel logo and slogan superseded by a UFO suddenly being pulled through the sky by the aforementioned reindeer. The magic of the holiday season mingles with the extraordinary imagination of science and technology in this whimsical channel promotion.

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