NBCUniversal - Studio Universal Africa
3d Animator

Action All Stars

Creative Director

Mark Gouldie


Katherine Power

Lead/Senior Designer

Leonario Fernandes

NBCUniversal’s Studio Universal - Action all stars was an event that ran for three weekends. The goal was to promote the action-packed films of the nineties and early 2000s, and to entice viewership through a sports-like promotion. I was brought in to create the visuals sequences for the event. All built and animated within Cinema 4d, they were animated to feel fast-paced, like a blow-by-blow announcement from a sports broadcaster. The action, pacing and overall animation needed to feel sports-like. The promotion enticed viewership of several films spanning across 3 weekends. From wild car chases to fierce fist fights, door-busting danger—it’s everything an action fan could want, and more!

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