3d Animator
2d animator

BBC Innovation

Creative Director

Matt Fryer


Steph Wilkinson

Lead/Senior Designer

Danny Jak Midwinter

Stereo Creative was tasked with creating an entertaining, engaging, shareable video for the BBC that would get their 14-24 year old viewers excited about what BBC media could look like in the future. The client came to Stereo wanting to get their viewers excited about what BBC media would look like in the future. Stereo approached me to assist in animating the visuals, and I animated several sequences and crafted it to perfection using Adobe After effects as well as Cinema 4d. We sought to deliver an instantly shareable video using an on-trend ‘vaporwave’ aesthetic that was pure future-retro cool. Our boundary-blurring, mixed media approach featuring BBC Radio 1 DJ Sara Amfo made sure our audience’s future media mix got noticed. Our film was spread and shared across the BBC’s social channels, targeting hard-to-reach viewers on the digital platforms they feel most at home. Since launch, we’ve witnessed the successful realisation of some of the BBC ideas showcased in the film with prideer

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